Fitness and Leisure Swimming Goggles

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If you swim for fitness, swim in open water or just have an occasional leisurely dip at the local swimming pool, then our range of fitness and leisure swimming goggles will have something that suits your need. This large range of adult swimming goggles includes goggles that give a comfortable and secure fit for swim training or fitness swimming right through to larger mask style goggles that are great for open water swimming and water sports.

Our large range of adult fitness and leisure goggles come from top swimming brands like Speedo, Arena, Zoggs and Aqua Sphere. If you are a lap swimmer and have long swimming sessions, then comfort is a priority. Flexible frames and soft but secure seals are a priority and technology like Speedo's Biofuse goggles and the Zoggs Predator Flex goggles are designed to give a really comfortable and flexible fit with a great seal to prevent water entering the lenses.

Features to look for when buying your swimming goggles are easy adjust straps, split head straps for a secure fit and whether or not you want an adjustable nose bridge. Adjustable nose bridges mean you can customise the fit of the goggle but can be less comfortable than a one-piece flexible nose bridge. When trying on your goggles, put on your face without using the straps and they should be able to give good suction for a few seconds. If they do, then this will prevent leaks which lead to water getting into the goggles and your eyes stinging, resulting in an unpleasant swim.

In addition to an extensive choice of classic style swim goggles, we also offer mask style goggles within this fitness and leisure category. The benefits of choosing to swim in a mask style goggle are the fact you get a wider range of vision as the lenses are usually larger and slightly curved. This is great for open water swimming and water sports. Some swimmers also notice that they are often bigger in size which spreads the pressure away from being so close to the eye socket and can potentially be more comfortable. Mask style goggles are not ideal for fitness swimming as they will cause more water drag which can slow down the speed of your swim.

So, with such a range of styles in our fitness and leisure goggles department, you are sure to find the perfect goggle for you!

Fitness and Leisure Swimming Goggles
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