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Here at Simply Swim we offer an excellent choice of swimming masks. Masks are ideal for you if you are an outdoor swimmer, if you want a comfortable fit against the face or you are particularly looking for a swim goggle with increased visibility. They can also be used for eye protection when jet skiing or surfing.

You will see that we offer a number of options from the following brands: Cressi, Aqua Sphere, Speedo and Zoggs. These manufacturers are renowned for their quality products. When choosing your swimming mask some points which you might wish to consider are a good comfortable fit against the face, straps and buckles which can be adjusted easily and seals which are watertight so that water does not get in. If the mask fits well you will be able to swim without unnecessary distractions. All the masks we sell are of modern construction and made to high standards.

Swimming masks feature a bridged area over the nose and generally have two separate curved lenses which offer a good range of view so great peripheral vision. Lenses are supplied either clear or tinted. Clear lenses are best for swimming indoors or in low light, whereas tinted lenses are more suitable for use outdoors and especially in bright sunlight.
Several swim masks feature mirrored lenses which are perfect for swimming outside when the sun is shining. The face seals on a majority of the swim masks we stock are made of silicone and are often clear in appearance. Please be aware that unlike a scuba diving masks, swimming masks do not cover the nose.

If you are looking for a swim goggle option that gives superior comfort especially when swimming for long periods, is suitable for outdoor swimming including triathlons and has lens options suitable for bright sunshine then at Simply Swim you will find a swim mask for you. We provide you with quality products, prompt delivery, good service and the lowest prices possible.

Swimming Masks
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