Prescription Swimming Goggles

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For the regular swimmer who also wears glasses or contact lenses, it can be a daunting experience stepping into the pool when you cannot see clearly enough to feel safe or confident. In fact, many novice or would-be swimmers are often put off from even trying because of this problem, or they keep their glasses on, which doesn't work for very long! Here at Simply Swim we have a great range of prescription swimming goggles so this worry can soon become a thing of the past.

Our range consists of goggles from top-end brands such as Speedo, Cressi and AquaSphere all of which are stylish, practical and most importantly comfortable options. Prescription lenses can be purchased for each eye and are available in corrective strengths of -1.5 diopter to -8.0, depending on the brand. They are then easily inserted into the accompanying special goggle kits, resulting in a sharp, clear view.

The lenses have quality features such as external anti-scratch protection and UV protection - ideal for outdoor swimming and ensuring durability even for the frequent user. In addition, they are shatterproof, and come with an internal anti-fog treatment built in - no more foggy views in the pool and beyond, or having to continually dip your goggles in water to clear them!

The goggles are the same high quality as what you would expect from their non-prescription counterparts, with adjustable nose clips, tinted lens options for reducing glare and a stylish look that will appeal to all types of swimmers.

Imagine the relief such as simple object can bring to swimmers who wear glasses or contact lenses - no more feeling unable to see well - now you can really enjoy your time in the pool! Gain in your swimming confidence by using our prescription swim goggles, and see a whole new world open up before you.

Prescription Swimming Goggles
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