Kids Swimming Goggles

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Feast your eyes upon our wide range of Kids Swimming Goggles of different colours, shapes and styles for all types of swims, from competition to leisure. We have a goggle for every child's needs, however fussy their tastes, girls and boys will be sure to find something in our range from the top brands in the swimming world: Speedo, Zoggs, Aqua Sphere and many more. Available for infants of 2 to 6 years and juniors between 6 and 14 years either just beginning or well on their way to becoming swim champions, our goggles promise comfort, durability and fun.

For racing, what any speedy swimmer needs are low profile goggles with small lenses to reduce drag. Try the Speedo Junior Vanquisher 2 or Zoggs Sonic Air for sleek, comfortable eye protection in any race. Also, look for anti fog coating for the clearest vision and UV protection for outside swims. Make sure you compare a number of goggles to find the right fit and comfort for your child because an awkward feel could make for an unsuccessful race.

For maximum comfort and excellent vision in leisure swimming, check out our selection of mask goggles. Great for outdoor swimming or water sports, the mask style is a mix of the traditional goggle and snorkel mask, giving a watertight seal for fog free vision. Varying in size, some are more streamlined than others but they are popular with children as they do not need much adjusting which means they can put them on independently with no drama. Our large range of colourful straps and lenses offer a wide variety of choice of masks from such great brands as Aqua Sphere, Arena and Cressi.

The number one priority is that swimming is fun. Bring a splash of colour to a kids experience with our many choices of colours on offer. More colours than on a rainbow: orange, green, yellow, pink, blue, camo, cheetah, silver, black, these fashionable styles will make anybody look cool in the pool. The Speedo Sea Squad range feature characters from under the sea and some come with matching accessories, like silicone caps and swim bags. Take a look at our range and which goggle would suit your needs with our simple description pages making sure you select the best colour and fit for your child.

Kids Swimming Goggles
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