Kids Swimming Goggles 2 To 6 Years

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Time for the little ones to make a big splash! Our range of Infants 2 to 6 years swimming goggles are cool, colourful and functional, encouraging new swimmers to grow in confidence under the water. Protecting their eyes from chlorine as they discover the underwater world has never been more stylish with quality brands like Speedo, Zoggs and Aqua Sphere on offer. We at Simply Swim are always looking to the future and we want to provide for the future swimming champions, starting with their first swimming lessons.

All of our goggles are designed to be child friendly and easy to adjust so the strap does not squeeze too hard. The classic designs are perfect for a fun leisure swim. The Aqua Sphere Moby Kid range make for perfect starter swim goggles with a flexible one piece construction, easy adjust buckles and a leak resistant seal to stop tantrums. For outdoor swimming we offer kids masks. A soft, comfortable design, it spreads over the face giving a wider field of vision which a child may find more comforting and less restricting. Our masks are UV protected, so the sun will not hurt their eyes and anti fog keeps the lenses clear making them free to swim around without bumping into anyone.

Our range of kids swimming goggles comes scratch-resistant and tough in the hands of any child. Not only that but they have fun styles. With many bright and fashionable colours available, you can sit with your child and pick out their favourite. Check out all the colours on offer and different designs from lens to strap colours. Our Speedo Sea Squad range comes with handy accessories for little heads, colourful silicone caps decorated with friendly fish from the sea. Or try our Zoggs range with happy characters and funky designs.

Fun, comfortable and durable goggles make up our range of Infant goggles. Perfect for 2 to 6 year olds, they are cool and cute but functional, protecting eyes from chlorine and sun light. Comfort is key and a soft frame puts less pressure on their face leaving less marks. For added enjoyment try the Finis Fruit Basket Goggles, with four different types to choose from, they come with a fruity smell as well as all the usual extras any little swimmer needs.

Kids Swimming Goggles 2 To 6 Years
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