Kids Swimming Goggles 6 To 14 Years

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Our fantastic range of Kids Swimming Goggles for 6 to 14 Years will make your child's experience of swimming even more fun! Why do you need goggles? Goggles help protect your eyes from chlorine, make your swimming position more dynamic and help you to gain confidence under water. Goggles are an important part of any swimmer's kit no matter what age or skill level, which is why we have such a wide range of great swimming goggles designed for the junior swimmer. With all the benefits of an adult goggle, some of these are even suitable for adults with slimmer faces. Check out our range for maximum comfort, fit and vision from Speedo, Aqua Sphere, Zoggs and many more top swim brands.

Picking what shape is right for your child is simple. For racing and competition look for a low profile goggle with small eye gaskets, reducing drag so your child can go faster. A great example of this is the Speedo Fastskin 3 Elite Goggle, a technical goggle with a streamlined design. For young outdoor swimmers, our mask goggles are ideal. Giving superior comfort and visibility, we offer a number of options from quality brands such as Cressi, Aqua Sphere, Speedo and Zoggs. For a more fun, active, leisure swim then look at our more classic goggles, with comfort, anti fog and UV protection.

Along with different designs we have loads of cool colours available from blues and greens to reds and pinks, so a child's favourite colour can be put into their preferred style. Put off fellow racers with the freaky looking Zoggs Sea Demon goggle with hologram lenses, a fun design to turn children into underwater monsters. For those who like variety, look no further than our multi coloured designs where two colours combine to make an even brighter goggle! The quick fit buckle from Aqua Sphere add extra colour to their goggles but also makes adjusting them much easier as a push of the button allows the strap to easily pass through the buckle.

Our goggles are durable and long lasting most of them boasting a scratch resistant coating so they will not get damaged in a child's bag. Speedo's Biofuse technology makes their goggles flexible with a rigid internal frame. It shapes to the swimmers face for comfort, reducing leaks and does not leave marks around the eyes. All the junior goggles in our range are top quality and can be thrown in at the deep end and handle the pressure.

Kids Swimming Goggles 6 To 14 Years
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