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Girls Swimsuits and Swimwear

Swimming is an excellent activity for children to take part in, either for fun, a hobby or competitively. No matter what type of swimming they take part in, there is a Girls piece of swimwear to suit.

For very young baby girls, the most important element of swimwear is that it should be comfortable and practical. Swimwear for this age group should be easy to get on and off and should, if necessary, have room to accommodate a swim nappy. For outdoor swimming in a pool or the sea, a range of shorty wetsuits or UV suits offer extra protection for delicate skin against the suns harmful rays.

Moving onto older girls, the range of swimwear available starts to mirror what is available for adults. There are simple swimsuits for playing around in the water or on the beach, in a range of brightly coloured patterns and styles. There are also options available in plain black and navy colours which are ideal for school swimming lessons. An alternative to the standard one piece swimsuit for girls is a two piece bikini, tankini or legsuit. Legsuits offer youngsters more coverage and great comfort in the water.

If she takes her swimming slightly more seriously, there are a number of suits that are designed for more frequent use. These are made from a chlorine-resistant material meaning they will last longer than a 'standard' swimsuit under frequent use. If she is swimming competitively, then she may be interested in the range of competition swimsuits available. These are specially designed suits, usually made out of compression fabric to create the most streamlined fit. These are serious products for serious swimmers and the price of these professional-level swimsuits reflects this.

All of the girls swimwear we have available at Simply Swim is made with the same care and attention to detail that the manufacturers put into the adult styles, so you can be confident that you are purchasing a well made, well designed product for your child.

Girls Swimwear
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