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Baby Girls Swimwear

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Style starts young these days as every mother knows. If you think your baby girl is going to wear just anything at the pool or the beach, then think again. Little Fashionista's everywhere are demanding style - not just pretty, although that helps - but a costume that will make them feel special.

However, babies do not always know best and practicality must also come into the equation. We have a great selection of swimwear for babies from three months of age upwards, including swim nappies with elastic legs that stay snug to avoid any mishaps, all-in-one Splash Abouts, water confidence, UPF protection and snugs. Babies always look pretty in frills but naturally baby swimwear must appeal to mum's also; ease of nappy changing is an important consideration together with the baby's comfort.

The Simply Swim range of babies swimwear not only comes in great colours and pretty styles, but practicality is at the fore as well as ease of washing, including by hand if you are away on holiday. It is equally important that baby has freedom of movement, without the swimwear being too loose. Sun protection is also vital as a baby's skin can be extremely delicate; our range of swimwear is around SPF 50 plus, which will give you peace of mind. Remember UPF, ( Ultraviolet Protection Factor) is different from SPF which is in sunscreen, as it will block out the majority of very harmful UV rays.

We have paid great attention to pretty styling and colours to ensure that your little girl will look and feel gorgeous, no matter whether she is snoozing under an umbrella on a hot beach or taking her first swimming lessons at the local pool; and you can be happy in the knowledge that her sensitive skin is being protected from irritants, such as sand.
A happy baby is a happy mum.

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