Girls Chlorine Resistant Swimwear

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Chlorine is one of life's necessary evils, as its benefits far outweigh its negative properties. As one of the strongest and most viable disinfectants, it has the ability to make pool water safe by killing off harmful micro-organisms and bacteria; however it is especially damaging to swimwear, causing it to fade and the material to degrade.

Here at Simply Swim we understand the importance of being able to buy swimwear for our children that will last and for girls it must be stylish too. Our range of chlorine resistant girls swimwear is just that. It has been discovered that polyester is the best fabric for this type of swimwear. We have swimsuits that are as much as 20 times more resistant to colour fading, while providing a great fit and excellent comfort.

As the swimwear is chlorine resistant it will also help to protect the body from the harsh chemical and the life of the costume should be extended by at least a year - depending on the amount of use - potentially saving a great deal of money. We have many brands available such as Zoggs, Speedo, Maru, Tyr and Arena, all of which come in a superb range of colours. If you prefer your daughter to have even more protection from chlorine, then take a look at knee-length styles.

Some of our chlorine resistant swimwear, such as Zoggs, are made from Dow ALA fibres, which have been tested to show that they give up to a thousand hours in the pool. This fabric provides great stretch and fit; it also gives a sun protection factor of UPF 50+. Speedo offer a wide range of girls swimwear in Endurance plus fabric which is exclusive to them and 100% chlorine resistant.

With such a big selection, girls will have no problem choosing a swimsuit that is pretty, flattering and practical; and you will know that not only will it help to protect her skin, but will also last a long time.

Girls Chlorine Resistant Swimwear
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