Girls Competition Swimwear

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When considering which girl's swimsuit to buy for competitions, you need to look for one that provides a close streamlined fit that will cause minimal drag in the water. The swimsuit should also allow full and easy movement in the water so that the swimming strokes are not hampered. Here at Simply Swim we have a range of girls' competition swimwear which meets both of these criteria.

Legsuits are often a popular choice for girls to wear competitively. The legs of the costume reach down to just above the knee. This provides extra support and gives the costume a sporty appearance. Many of the girls' competition swimsuits have open backs which help with the freedom of movement and add to the comfort.

The majority of the top swimwear brands have competition swimwear designed for girls. Speedo have used their Fastskin technology for their girls competition swimsuits. This gives an element of compression to the fit of the swimsuit. The idea behind this is that it will make the swimmer more hydrodynamic in the water. This means that the water will offer a lower force of resistance against the swimmer and they should therefore be able to move through the water quicker and swim faster. The fabric used by Speedo in the girls' competition swimwear also provides a unique four way stretch to ensure complete freedom of movement.

The swimsuits from Maru have similar qualities. The fabric has a Teflon coating to help protect it from the effects of chlorine. The fabric used by Maru also has an element of Lycra to ensure it remains stretchy. This may also help with circulation and the flow of oxygen to muscles while swimming.

The whole range of girls' competition swimwear offers resistance to chlorine ensuring that the swimsuits will be long lasting. The swimsuits are generally available in dark colours but often come with attractive and contrasting patterns or trims.