Learn To Swim Accessories

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Our Learn to Swim department is full of lots of products that will take your child from the initial stage of splashing in the water as a baby, through the process of learning to swim and finally to gaining confidence and ability to enjoy swimming unaided.

The Start Splashing section includes products that will make sure your baby is kept warm and protected in the water and includes cosy neoprene baby wraps, protective swim nappies, buoyant swim seats and fun pool toys that will encourage babies to try to reach and grab in the water, so that they get used to splashing around.

Once children are older they need to learn to swim and our fantastic range of buoyancy aids include traditional armbands and swim rings, fantastic float suits, kickboards, back floats and swim jackets. Buoyancy aids will give children the feeling of security they need, as they start to master the art of using their arms and legs to move through the water.

Once your child has learnt how to stay afloat and swim unaided, it's time for having some serious fun! Our Get Confident product page has plenty of dive toys that children can throw into the water and dive down to retrieve, which will encourage and build confidence in swimming underwater. Watch them have races with their friends to see who will be the first to pick up the dive toy from the bottom of the pool and reflect on how you have watched your child go from a non-swimmer to a confident water baby! These fantastic swimming aids from top brands like Speedo, Zoggs, Splash About and Beco will make learning to swim so much fun.

Learn To Swim Accessories
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