Baby Swim Wrap

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It can be daunting at times for new parents to know exactly where to begin in the process of safely introducing their babies to water. A good place to start is making sure your child has appropriate swimwear and swimwear accessories that maximise safety and promote continued happy experiences in water. Here at Simply Swim we stock a selection of Learn to Swim Baby Wraps which are just one way a careful parent can ensure times in the pool or other types of water are safe and enjoyable for both you and your little one.

One of the best brands for baby wraps are Splash About and are made from 3mm thick super soft neoprene. This not only allows you to keep a good grip on your baby but it also keeps your infant warmer for longer whilst in the water. It also helps to prevent chills and from being adversely affected by draughts in the changing room afterwards.

Baby wraps are designed so they open out completely flat allowing you to easily and safely change your baby in and out of them, even with wet hands. Generously wide sections of Velcro on the sides can be adjusted out as your child grows, making it great value as well. In addition, each wrap has a maximum SPF protection of 50+, which makes it a great piece of kit to have on your holidays or any other time you may be outdoors in the water.

Available in three bands of sizes up to 30 months old in age, these fun and colourful wraps also bring an appreciated health and safety element to your infant's first experiences with you in a body of water. With quality swimwear accessories such as these, you can be assured that their times in the water will be positive events that may help to set the stage for a future love of swimming.

Baby Swim Wrap
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