Swim Vest

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Our great range of swim jackets (or swim vests as they are sometimes known) is perfect for young children who are learning to swim and who want to feel secure and buoyant in the water. They enable parents to let their children have more freedom in the water, while staying a safe short distance away to supervise them.

Swim jackets are worn as a jacket or waistcoat and zipped or fastened with Velcro at the front. They will either have individual foam floats inside the fabric, or one piece of foam all the way around the inside of the jacket to give buoyancy. The individual floats can sometimes be removed to decrease buoyancy as your child's swimming ability increases. Wearing a swim jacket will enable your child's arms to be free to swim and splash without hindrance and can be worn by children aged 1 to 6 years.

Available in bright, fun colours, kids will love wearing these swim vests, whether they are at the local swimming pool or having fun in the water on holiday. They are usually made from Neoprene which gives extra warmth in the water and some offer sun protection too. Watch your child's water confidence increase as they get used to floating around without you holding onto them all the time and before you know it, they will be perfect water babies!

Our range of swim jackets are designed by top swim brands such as Speedo, Zoggs and the baby swim product specialist, Splash About and will make your children excited to get in the water and have some fun!

Swim Vest
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