Swimming Pool Toys

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A key thing about teaching children to swim is to keep it fun. If you can make games out of what they need to learn they will be more engaged, excited and keen to take part, making it fun for everyone!
A great way to do this is to use swimming pool toys. Without even realising, by playing with these toys, your children will be picking up key swimming skills. Let's look at some examples of pool toys that are available at Simply Swim.
Diving toys
These toys are designed to get children confident about diving into and under the water. They are generally fun shaped rings or sticks that are thrown into the pool and then the children are asked to retrieve them. You can have great fun giving points per item retrieved or specifying that one child should collect only red items, with another to collect only blue and so on.
Baby toys
For babies, or smaller children who are new to the water, there are some toys that are simply just that - toys to play with in the water. Think of them like bath toys in a way - they are simply something for your child to focus on and play with while getting comfortable in the swimming pool setting. They can be plastic shapes that float on the pool surface or 'soakers', soft toys designed to be thrown short distances, letting the child get used to being splashed as it lands.
There are also pool toys that make games - for example, diving toys that click together to form a larger shape or games where you have to collect all the numbered items from the bottom of the pool. All of these games will encourage children to repeat the diving or swimming action required, as a result of this they will be learning without even realising it!

Swimming Pool Toys
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