Swimming Armbands

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Once your child is confident in the water, you are able to move on from learn to swim aids such as a floating swim seat or a float vest and put them in armbands. Armbands give them the benefit of the additional flotation needed to keep them safe, but lets them start to learn about how to position their body in the water when swimming.

There are two main types of armbands designed for children learning to swim, inflatable or float discs. Inflatable armbands are the more traditional armband style, and have been around for years. Armbands come in a few different sizes which are based on the weight they can support so it's important that you have the correct size for your child so that they will stay securely on their arms and keep them afloat.

We're all familiar with the traditional bright orange inflatable armbands, but now you can also buy armbands printed with your child's favourite cartoon characters. This can help a child's confidence in the water as they can see something or someone that they are familiar with and they will be excited about using them.

Some armbands come with more than one air chamber in them. This means you can deflate one but leave the second fully inflated, meaning they still stay securely on the arm while giving your child less buoyancy as they grown more confident in the water.

A more recent innovation is float discs. These are round flat polystyrene or foam discs with a hole in the middle that are worn on your child's arms like traditional armbands. They are designed to be worn as 3 discs per arm initially, removing one disc per arm as your child grows in confidence. They are very light and easy to store and have the added benefit of not having to be inflated. You will find a great selection of both inflatable armbands and float discs at Simply Swim.

Swimming Armbands
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