Swimming Floats

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Normally swimming floats are associated with swimming aids, but they are also great for fun and games and training for your child. Additionally, they are perfect for when your little one just wants to relax in the water. Consequently we have put together a range of Swim Floats in several different styles, for any occasion or purpose.

They all provide super buoyancy and are excellent for instilling confidence in the water. The kiddies will love the colourful variety of floats, including the ever popular Swimfin which is perfect for any child from 3 -6 years of age. It is worn high up on the back and suspends the child in the water so they cannot tip back. Perfect for the initial doggy paddle stage and as they advance and need less support.

Take a look also at our children's Kickboards. They are great fun, while also giving the learner a feeling of confidence and are perfect for helping, no matter how young, to boost confidence and improve their swim kick which needs to be developed on from the initial paddling motion. For exercise purposes, they are great for strengthening your child's legs - important for any swimmer. With up to three different grip positions, Kickboards are easy and flexible to use.

We have also included in our range, aqua noodles and zoodles. The inflatable noodle is perfect for taking on holiday, as you will hardly know it is in your luggage and children find them great fun to play with. If you prefer to take a kickboard, then you will be able to pack one of our Mini-Kickboards, some have cartoon characters on them and are well loved by small children.

For unrivalled aids to buoyancy, bright, fun colours and patterns that will appeal to your child, all at very reasonable prices, then look no further.