Swim Nappies

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Introducing your baby to the swimming pool can be a very beneficial experience. It will help build their confidence in the water and can be lots of fun for both of you. It is important to make sure that your baby does not have any little accidents while in the water so an effective swim nappy is essential. We provide an entire swim nappy system to ensure full protection. This is made up of nappy liners, nappy wraps and nappy covers.

The range of nappy covers comes in bright colours including pink for little girls. The covers are gently elasticated at the waist and on the legs to eliminate any chance of leakage. They can be worn alone but, for full protection and ease of cleaning, it is better to wear the nappy cover over the top of a nappy wrap and liner.

The nappy wraps resemble a traditional nappy in appearance but they are full reusable. They are designed to be worn with a nappy liner inside which will collect your baby's waste and which can be removed and thrown away. The nappy wrap can then be washed either by hand or in a machine at 30 degrees. The nappy wraps will continue to provide a secure fit while in the water meaning that your baby will feel safe and comfortable.

The nappy liners will be against your baby's skin so they are made to be very soft so that your baby will feel comfortable and their skin will be protected. The nappy liners are fully biodegradable and be flushed down the toilet.

Using our swim nappy system of nappy liner, nappy wrap and nappy cover while your baby is swimming will ensure that they feel comfortable in the water. You can relax knowing that there is no risk of any accidents happening and just concentrate on having fun.

Swim Nappies
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