Mens Aquashorts

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Aquashorts are a good choice of swimwear for swim training and for regular pool use. Our collection of men's aqua shorts includes a selection of quality garments from the following leading swimwear manufacturers: Speedo, Maru, Arena, Funky Trunks, Diana, and Zoggs.

Typically manufactured in a Lycra and elastane mix, aquashorts are a close fitting style and are designed to hug around the waist and upper thigh. This gives you support while swimming, also allowing you a faster and more streamlined swimming stroke than (for example) with looser fitting leisure shorts. We supply aquashorts with an average side length of 27cm.

Colour choices are based mainly on navy blue and black. There are various options available in a plain colour finish and others with fashionable contrast piping or panels that give a modern and fashionable look.
In addition to aquashorts, our pages in this department also show a number of pacer trainers and classic swimming trunks with a wider hip cut. Both of these styles are similar to aquashorts and offer similar fit and comparable advantages for training and regular pool swimming. An ample range of colours is available for you to choose from including black, dark and light shades of blue, red, green and purple. The range includes modern designs and repeating motifs or patterns.

When buying new aquashorts it worth factoring in styles that are made from chlorine resistant material. The benefits of this are that they will last longer than regular swimwear as many are 100% chlorine resistant. Rinsing your new aquashorts in fresh water after use is highly recommended, this will help increase the lifespan of the product.
Simply Swim sells the highest quality swimwear at the lowest possible prices and we offer our customers excellent service combined with rapid delivery.

Mens Aquashorts
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