Mens Swimming Briefs

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Swimming briefs are ideal for swim training or competition use. Sometimes also known as trunks, briefs are based on a classic design that provides minimum coverage and complete freedom of movement. This reduces drag and makes the swimmer as streamlined as possible in the water, offering a swimming speed advantage. In general swimming briefs have an anatomical fit. In other words, they are contoured for a close fit to the body.

Here at Simply Swim we stock a great range of swimming briefs from the following quality brands: Maru, Funky Trunks, Arena, Speedo, Diana and Tyr. There are several options available depending on your own preference in shape, colour, design and cut. For example, the minimalist trunks in our range have a 6.5cm or 7cm side. Other options include close fitting briefs in the ´boxer´ short style.

Colours available include your classic black and navys as well as red, lipstick pink, purple, white and green ranging from the characteristic plain finish to a range of fashionable designs and repeating patterns.

Not only can you look good in training and competition events, these classic figure-hugging briefs also look great on the beach. You can enjoy sunbathing in attractive beachwear and which also allows sun worshippers to get a sun tan with that 'almost all over' look. When you decide to cool off and go swimming, the material also offers the advantage of drying off quickly.

One important point to bear in mind when choosing your briefs is that the material should be chlorine resistant. This means that the fabric will last much longer than regular nylon lycra swimwear, not deteriorating from the pool chemicals. It is also a good idea to rinse the briefs in fresh water after use.

Mens Swimming Briefs
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