Mens Competition Swimwear

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Competition swimwear is the keen swimmer's choice for competitive racing and training. These sleek looking and close fitting garments are designed to hug and provide compression. The contoured aqua dynamic shape and modern manufacturing technology reduce water resistance, allowing you to glide more quickly through the water and offering you a competitive advantage.

The style of garment designed for men to wear when swimming at competition level is known as a jammer, either with a regular waist or high waisted. They are manufactured from a modern lightweight stretch fabric, many with 4-way flat seams for minimum skin irritation and added comfort. Some also have ultrasonically welded seams, which reduce drag even further.

The enhanced compression provided by this type of swimwear offers freedom of movement while also helping to maximise the swimmer's power and to support muscles and tissue. This minimises recovery time and is especially useful if you swim in relays or multiple events. These garments are characteristically water repellent and quick drying, clearly good comfort points.

Our exciting choice of competition swimwear features a number of quality brands such as Arena, Maru, Speedo and TYR with ranges called Carbon Flex, Fastskin LZR Racer Elite 2 and Avictor. Please see the individual photographs and further information in the product descriptions. With a pair of these, you'll look like you mean business! Other competitors will see that you take competitive swimming seriously.

When trying on competition swimwear, be aware that it can take up to 20 minutes to put the suit on correctly and care must be taken, as the fabric is much thinner than regular swimwear fabrics and you can tear it with your fingernails. After swimming, rinse your swimwear in fresh water and dry carefully.

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Mens Competition Swimwear
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