Mens Jammers

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Jammers are reliable and versatile swimwear and a good choice for frequent swimming or for regular pool training sessions. This type of swimwear comes in a closely profiled fit and has an elasticated waist and longer leg length (almost to the knee). They provide freedom of movement, look good and can be used in all aspects of swimming.

Colour choices mostly include black and navy blue. There are also a smaller number of bright fashionable options available in neon or royal blue and red. In addition to the classically simple plain colour jammers that we sell, many also have contrasting detail such as colour piping or design panels with various colour combinations giving a modern and stylish look. Colours available vary and include red, emerald and lime green, turquoise, purple, navy blue and paler shades. Please see the individual photographs and product descriptions for more information.

Here at Simply Swim our collection of men's jammers includes a hand picked assortment of quality styles from these major Brands: Zoggs, Speedo, Tyr, Maru, Arena, Funky Trunks and Diana.

Our range also includes a small number of compression jammers. These are made from an ultra modern and lightweight woven fabric, which provides support and gives the swimmer a very sleek profile in the water. This improves aqua dynamics and causes less drag, so offering a speed advantage and meaning that they are a good option for racing and competitions.

As a swim store we highly recommend chlorine resistant materials as these fabrics are made to last longer. Speedo offer Endurance plus which is 100% chlorine resistant, snag resistant and 20 times more fade resistant then regular swimwear. Zoggs produce Aqualast which is 100% chlorine proof and Maru produce the chlorine resistant Pacer fabric. Of course, we recommend maintaining your new jammers by rinsing in fresh water after swimming.

Mens Jammers
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