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If you swim regularly or attend coaching and training sessions, performance swimwear is a great choice. Within the range we offer here at Simply Swim there are three main types.

Firstly, the classic brief which are sometimes referred to as Speedos. The brief style offers great support as they are tight fitting and allow complete freedom of movement. The come in a variation of depths of side from 5 to 10 cm's. Within this collection you will also find trunks which have a side measurement of up to around 14 to 18cm's.
Secondly, aquashorts which are a medium leg short option giving more coverage then the briefs and usually come with a 25 to 35 cm side.
Thirdly, the knee length option know as jammers. Generally these are between 45cm to 50cm in total length from waist.

Performance swimwear is designed to fit the keen swimmer closely. The contoured aqua dynamic shape reduces water resistance allowing you to glide through the water more easily.
Our exciting choice includes brands from the following quality manufacturers: Arena, Diana, Funky Trunks, Speedo, Maru, Zoggs and Tyr. Apart from choosing from the different options in style and leg length, we are pleased to offer a wide choice of colours. Your new performance briefs, aquashorts or jammers are available in classic black and navy colourways as well as all over prints, panels and splices. Designs vary from a classic one-colour finish to a choice of fashionable modern designs and repeating motifs and patterns.

When choosing swimwear you intent to swim in regularly it is important to select chlorine resistant material. This means that the swimwear you choose will last longer as it does not degrade in chlorinated water. To improve the lifespan of your trunks it is recommended that you rinse your swimwear in fresh water straight after your swim.

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