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For leisure swimming in the pool and general beachwear or swimming in the sea, a basic pair of mens swimming trunks is probably your best choice. Our selection of men's swimwear includes these brands: Zoggs, Arena, Diana, Maru, Funky Trunks and Speedo.

The options available in this department at Simply swim vary. Leisure shorts have an elasticated waist and sometimes a pocket or two. Lengths are typically between 16 and 20 inches and they are looser fitting than swimming briefs/trunks, aqua shorts and jammers. The shape of the tighter fitting aquashorts resemble boxer shorts and are on average about 27cm deep on the side. Jammers, which are also a contoured fit, come with a long leg to just above the knee and are around 44cm. A selection of swimming briefs and pacer trainers is also included in our sports and leisure swimwear range, with hip cuts varying from 6.5cm to 14cm.

In addition to a variety of options in leg length and style, your new shorts or trunks are available in an extensive choice of plain colours or with fashionable piping, contrasting colour panels and some bolder designs. Colours supplied include black, dark and light shades of blue, red, green, emerald, purple, pink and white. The modern designs include several options in allover prints and patterns. There are also funky options available including designs in the style of a classic comic strip.

When choosing your swimwear, it is important to consider a material that is chlorine resistant if you are swimming in a regular pool. Caring for your new garment by rinsing it in fresh water is always recommended after you have finished swimming. Dry carefully before storage.
Simply Swim supplies top quality swimwear at the lowest prices possible combined with the best customer service and quick delivery.

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