Kids Pool Shoes

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There are many things to consider when buying pool shoes for your child as - unless they are very tiny - they will also want something that is stylish and for the girls, pretty. But mum's know the importance of practicality, so previously finding a compromise has been a difficult task. Well, not anymore - our Simply Swim range has been chosen with thought, to cover all contingencies.

Whether your child wants to be cool in blue or pretty in pink, there are colours and styles that will be perfect. They will slip on easily and some have an adjustable toggle around the ankle so that once they are on, a snug fit can easily be achieved. It is essential that pool footwear fits well to avoid blisters and sores and we have taken this into consideration when choosing our range. Let's also not forget the dreaded verrucas which will now become a thing of the past, as the shoes provide a barrier from any infections such as this.

No matter whether your child needs shoes for the pool or the beach, we have the perfect type of sole. However ones with good traction are essential for walking over rocky or stony surfaces while also giving excellent protection against sharp objects; they can also be left on if your child wishes to visit a playground or a water park near the pool or beach. All our pool shoes are lightweight, many with holes to allow water to drain away and all with non-slip soles. The super soft neoprene shoes have SPF 50+ sun protection built into the fabric to avoid burnt little feet.

With brands such as Beco, Speedo, Splash About and Fashy to choose from, all developed to take full advantage of today's latest technological advances; style, fit, ease of wearing and comfort have all been given priority.

Kids Pool Shoes
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