Mens Pool Shoes

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Pool footwear is an essential piece of kit to be worn around the swimming pool, on the beach or in a Spa. It is important to consider the health aspect when walking around barefoot at swimming pools and communal shower areas as these are areas where you can pick up viral problems for the feet; for example Verruca's and Athlete's Foot. Contaminated floors are unavoidable in such places but by wearing a pair of Pool Shoes from the selection available at Simply Swim, this is not a problem you will have to worry about.

Many of our styles are perfect for walking along the beach and of course wearing in the sea, where they will protect your feet from jellyfish stings and those nasty little sea urchins - both very hard to spot. These are specially designed with a closed front and several drainage holes. With non-slip soles they are perfect for water skiing also -indeed any watersport where you need a good grip.

Naturally the very popular flip flop is included in our range; made with strong anti-skid soles and non-toxic materials, they are perfect for around the pool or going for a stroll. There are also slip on shoes that are easy to wear, with drainage holes and soles that will prevent you from slipping on wet surfaces. Lets also not forget the jelly shoes and aqua socks which are excellent around and in the pool.

Perhaps you prefer a pool shoe that is made from an anti-bacterial material, to leave your feet feeling fresh; we have those too, all with excellent traction and some with shock absorbers built into the heel. There are several great brands to choose from such as Beco, Speedo and Arena. Whichever pair you choose, you will be impressed by the quality and price.