Arena Carbon Flex and Carbon Air Racing Swimwear

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The Carbon series of racing swimwear from Masters of Swim, Arena, has been developed in collaboration with KINTECH LABS to create competition swimwear that will make a difference in the water. An innovative design using a Carbon fibre skeleton with fabric on top provides intelligent compression throughout, with a 'Lock Out' level when a critical stretch level is reached, giving excellent control and support when and where it is needed.

The Carbon Flex swimwear features a revolutionary carbon cage that gives compression as your muscles flex rather than continually which can tire you out. It is Arena's top racing swimsuit and features bonded seams and elastic tapes in strategic places to release energy when you dive, kick and turn in the water. This competition suit keeps you streamlined and stable, reduces drag and improves your speed through the water.

The Carbon Air swimwear is the most lightweight Carbon suit and has horizontal Carbon bands rather than a full Carbon cage. This makes it lighter, comfortable and easier to put on than other racing swimsuits. It is ideal for longer races rather than sprints as it gives an excellent balance of performance and comfort.

Featuring women's kneeskins and men's jammers, the Arena Carbon series is designed in bold, eye-catching colours to make you stand out on the blocks and in the water and there are also limited edition prints that are released annually to give you a unique look for competing. All of the swimwear is Fina approved for racing in Fina events. Buy yours now before it sells out!