Adult Swimming Caps

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We have a large range of adult swimming caps here at Simply Swim, from competitive, racing caps to minimise water drag and give you a streamlined shape in the water, to elegant, ornamental swimming caps that give you a vintage, retro style for the pool.

Contrary to popular opinion, swimming caps are not primarily designed to keep your hair dry. Their main purpose is to reduce water drag, keep a swimmer's hair tidy and to prevent hair from getting into the pool which can block drains and is unhygienic. However, some swim caps will keep your hair relatively dry and protect it from the damaging effects of chlorine, but there is no guarantee that your hair will stay completely dry when you wear a swim cap.

Our Adult Swimming Cap department has swim caps designed in a variety of different materials. Silicone swim caps are very durable and are a favourite amongst competitive and frequent fitness swimmers. They will reduce drag, helping you to glide through the water, are long lasting and give a secure fit.

Latex swim caps are a cheaper option and are thinner than Silicone. This makes them more breathable and stretchy. However, they can tear more easily, making them less durable.

Our range of Nylon/Lycra caps are soft and comfortable to wear and will not pull your hair when you fit them or remove them. These caps are very porous and therefore your hair will become wet but it if is comfort you are after, then this is the cap for you.

Polyester caps are, like Nylon/Lycra caps, completely porous and will allow water to flow through the cap. They are great for long hair, keeping it tucked away as you swim without pulling and are lightweight and comfortable.

Finally, our Ornamental Caps can add a touch of glamour to the pool! These swimming caps have a vintage style from the 1950 and 1960s and are reminiscent of starlets like Brigitte Bardot and Elizabeth Taylor. They are usually made from Latex Rubber which is thicker than other swim cap material but still lightweight and very durable.

So, whatever swimming cap you need, look no further than the adult swimming cap department at Simply Swim and if it is a junior swimming cap you are after, then we have a great range of those too.

Adult Swimming Caps
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