Ornamental Swim Caps

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Watch any pre-1960s movie where there is a beach or a pool scene and you will see wonderful swim caps; not only are they incredibly glamorous, they are also very practical. Think of Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn - retro styling is now available at its best in the Simply Swim range of Ornamental Swim Caps.

The damage that is caused to your hair from sea water and chlorinated pool water is horrendous. Salt water will leave it dry but chlorine is the worst enemy that your hair can have. It damages the shaft, leaving it feeling like straw. If your hair is dyed then be careful, as chlorine can give it a greenish hue. The reason for this is that the chemical opens up the cuticle, which causes the layers to rupture and become rough, allowing the chlorine to be absorbed more easily. This in turn takes all the natural shine of the hair leaving it dry and brittle with split ends.

The obvious solution is to wear one of these gorgeous Ornamental Swim Caps. They are incredibly feminine and will certainly turn heads. The vintage styling looks great with any design of swimsuit; but picture it with one of our range of retro halter necks, bringing back the glamour of the silver screen. Made from Polyester or Latex rubber, many women also wear them while sunbathing to protect their hair from UV rays and sun damage, which can be just as harmful as chlorine.

They come in an amazing range of styles and colours; how about a slinky black with silvery pailletts or sequins, which will sparkle under the sun or lights. Maybe you would prefer the Petal Swim Caps, similar in design to those worn by Esther Williams, the 1950s movie star, who became famous for her synchronized swimming scenes. Whichever you choose - you will look amazing.

Ornamental Swim Caps
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