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We stock a broad range of swim watches for men, women and children. Swim watches allow you to time your laps and analyse your performance in the water. They're easily operated whilst swimming, both in the pool or in open water. With a swimming watch you can monitor your improvement with each swim session and improve your performance by aiming to beat your last lap time. If you're quite new to regular swimming and are curious as to how well you're improving as you go, it's well worth getting yourself a decent swim watch. Using a swim watch to monitor your improvement is a great motivator, and as you start to see how well your swimming times have improved, you become well and truly hooked, constantly trying to better the last swim.

You'll find a great range of funky Speedo swim watches in a choice of colours and designs to suit all ages and abilities, with a range of specifications for different levels of swimming. The Speedo Active Swim kids swim watch is brightly coloured, with a variety of useful features to help your little ones with their swimming training. They're fun to wear and help make training enjoyable. If you want a swim watch with lap counter, there is a range on offer from Speedo. Speedo women's swim watches come in full size or mid size and the 50 Lap Swim Watch is perfect if you want to accurately time your pool laps.

Our range covers various needs, so if you're a competition swimmer or just starting out, there's something here to suit your requirements. We've provided you with detailed product descriptions, so you can quickly and easily see what features each swim watch has. If you want to compare them, you can do so simply, with a click of a button on the product's description page. This will help you decide from there which is the right one for you. Our images are large and clear, so you can see exactly how the watch looks. Take advantage of our swim watch reviews by previous customers and if you do buy a swim watch, please feel free to add one of your own. Our Speedo swim watches are expertly designed to fit securely on your wrist as you swim. Aside from the performance improving features, they are durable and comfortable to wear so you're not aware of them in the water.

Swimming Watches
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