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Whether you are a beginner, an enthusiastic amateur or a seasoned professional, swim training aids make valuable additions to your arsenal. Here at Simply Swim we offer a huge range of swim training aids to help you target specific body areas and improve your speed, form, technique, and performance. From improving your position in the water, to increasing your upper body or core strength, we offer affordable training aids from top brands to meet your needs.

For increasing upper body strength, consider aqua gloves, aqua dumbbells, or hand paddles. These products provide increased water resistance making it more challenging to effectively move your body through the water, making you expend more energy to achieve proper movement. This in turn provides a more intense workout than swimming with no training aids and when used regularly as part of a proper training routine, helps to increase your upper body strength, and significantly improve your stamina and endurance.

If you want to increase your lower body strength, opt for training aids such as kickboards and fins. A high quality kickboard allows for different holds in different positions and helps to improve lower body strength and core strength. Additionally, kickboards allow you to concentrate on improving your technique by forcing you to focus of the position and movement of your legs. This helps you to focus on maintaining a high position in the water, improves your stability and ensures you focus on proper leg movement, decreasing drag. The drag reduction puts less strain on your endurance and helps to increase your speed.

For general training to increase stamina, core strength, endurance and stability, opt for aqua dumbbells, pull buoys or aqua belts. An aqua belt is a buoyancy aid that allows you to keep your head above the water while jogging or running in deep water. They have adjustable floats that you can remove or reposition to make your workout more challenging. Pull buoys sit between the thighs or ankles, effectively immobilising your legs to improve your upper body strength. They also help you build core strength and stability, as you work to maintain the correct position during training sessions.

Swimming Aid
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