Aqua Aerobics Equipment

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Aqua aerobics is an exercise activity that continues to grow in popularity. Because it takes place in the pool, your body is fully supported by the water making it a low impact activity. Whether you take part in an organised class or simply workout on your own, aqua aerobics can give you a fantastic full-body workout.
Here at Simply Swim we offer a great range of training aids available to help you perform your aqua aerobic workout in the pool. Here is a selection of our favourites.

Webbed gloves are used to increase the resistance in the water while doing arm movements, making it harder for your hands to move through the water. Wearing webbed gloves while doing your workout will help to strengthen your upper body muscles.

Buoyancy belts
A lightweight foam belt that clips around your waist, these are used to suspend you in deep water while you do certain exercises like water jogging. The floatation belts can be used in conjunction with other pieces of equipment such as foot floats and dumbbells for added benefit.

Foot floats
Looking like giant foam flip-flop, these are fastened to your feet to create resistance, helping tone your lower body. You can wear them in shallow water when doing leg lifts and pushes, or in deep water in conjunction with a buoyancy belt for water jogging.

These long thin foam tubes are used for providing additional buoyancy if required, either during the active part of your workout or for relaxation at the end.

Aqua dumbbells
These look like ordinary dumbbells, but these foam versions are designed to be used only in the water. Their buoyancy creates water resistance, meaning it is harder to move them around in the water. Simple lifts and raises of the dumbbells in the water will give you a great upper body workout.

Aqua Aerobics Equipment
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