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Drag Shorts

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We at Simply Swim are an online retail swim specialist who offer an extensive range of branded swimwear from leading brands such as Speedo, Arena, Zoggs and more. As well as swimwear we stock a huge range of swim equipment as we understand the importance of well rounded and effective training. Whether you're fine tuning your technique or trying to master a new stroke entirely our collection of top notch swim training aids specifically aimed at ensuring that your training sessions providing you with the largest amount of benefit possible.

One such item that you will find in this department are swim drag shorts, available in sizes from small all the way through to extra large and in a selection of stylish designs that guarantee that everyone, regardless of taste, will be able to find something that they like. Our drag shorts are designed to increase the amount of resistance you feel from the water while swimming through it, meaning that you will have to use additional energy in order to maintain a consistent pace. This in turn means that every time you jump into the pool to practice your strokes - or even for a quick dip - you'll be giving your arm and leg muscles a complete and effective workout at the same time. So now, not only will every training session bring your technique one step closer to perfection, but you'll also be improving your arm and leg strength at the same time. For optimal results we would recommend combining drag shorts with our other resistance oriented swim training aids, such as a set of our fantastic swim paddles to introduce a properly intensive upper-body workout and really maximise the physical benefits you receive from your training sessions.

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