Swimming Hand Paddle

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Here at Simply Swim we not only offer a huge range of swimwear for all ages from the best swim brands out there, we also carry an impressive array of swim training aids designed to ensure that your training sessions provide you with the highest possible benefits to your performance and technique enhancement.

Our range of hand paddles are no exception to this and we guarantee that once you start utilising them in your swim training you will see noticeable results much, much faster. Hand paddles are designed to create drag as you swim through the water, increasing the resistance that you face and as such giving your arms (and upper body in general) a much more intensive workout. This is obviously of immense benefit to you, as it means that not only are you practicing your swimming but also strengthening your core at the same time - a win-win situation, we're sure you'll agree! In addition to increasing your upper body strength, the hydrodynamic design of the hand paddles that we stock means that you will always keep your hands in the optimal position as they enter the water, promoting proper arm technique whilst swimming and guaranteeing that you will become a much more technically proficient swimmer as a result.

The lightweight polypropylene that they are made from is the ideal material; it minimises the risk of discomfort on your hands during use, but is also still able to create enough resistance in the water to pose a significant challenge during your training session. The straps fixed on one side are perfectly suited to hold the paddles in place (ensuring that correct technique is reinforced) whilst simultaneously feeling comfortable on your hands and the aerated design allows you to obtain a good feel for the water as you swim through it. Our range of hand paddles from leading brands such as Finis, Maru, Speedo and Zoggs are available in several sizes and are beneficial for swimmers looking to fine-tune their technique.