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Swimming Kickboards

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Here at Simply Swim, we don't just cater exclusively to those accomplished swimmers looking to streamline their performances at competition level - we also stock a variety of excellent products for those who are still learning; whether you're looking to fine-tune your existing technique or master a new stroke entirely, our fantastic range of swim training aids have got you covered. Our high-quality collection of kick boards fall into the latter category, and we guarantee that you'll be able to find something here to suit whatever swim training needs you may have. First and foremost, all of our kick boards are ergonomically designed to ensure that assuming the correct position when using them is as easy as possible. This not only minimises the risk of cramps and strains on your shoulders or arms after a particularly intense training session, but also guarantees that your legs will receive the best possible workout and this will mean that your training sessions will actually be having an effect and you will see real results in a much shorter time - a win-win situation, we're sure you'll agree! Not only are our kick boards great for leg workouts, they are also ideal for swimmers of any ability looking to work on their kicking. By taking arm movements out of the equation, you are free to focus all of your efforts on your kicking to properly improve your technique in a variety of different strokes, as your mind will be 100% focused on your leg movements. In addition to strengthening your legs and improving your existing technique, our kick boards are also great for promoting proper in-water body positioning and therefore improving your balance - ideal for minimising drag as you glide through the water from end to end. On top of all of these great features, they're also available in a variety of colours and designs - there really is something for everyone.

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