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Pull Buoys

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Here at Simply Swim, we are not only stock a wide range of swimwear for leading sports brands such as Speedo, Zoggs, Arena and Maru we also carry a staggeringly extensive range of swim training aids that are designed with the express purpose of making sure that your swim training sessions are providing with you the maximum amount of physical benefit and long-term improvement to your endurance, ability, and technical proficiency. One such item available in the swim training aids section of our expansive online catalogue is our selection of pull buoys; available in a selection of aesthetically-appealing designs from a number of leading manufacturers, these pull buoys are ergonomically designed to ensure maximum effectiveness of your swim training.

Simply place one of these excellent pieces of kit between your legs whilst you swim and in no time you'll be feeling the effects. By negating the need to kick whilst you swim, you will be able to focus your training exclusively on your upper body, which is ideal not just for those looking to fine-tune their stroke technique, but also those looking for a general improvement in their upper body strength. In addition to this, the buoyant nature of our pull buoys is designed specifically to ensure that your hips remain in the ideal position, promoting proper swim posture and further enhancing your technique. The removal of the focus on kicking is also perfect for improving your breathing techniques alongside your arm movements, as by not kicking you will find breathing much more relaxing and subsequently find it much easier to gain the ideal rhythm for properly effective swimming. With a variety of shapes, colours, and materials on offer, we have no doubts that here at Simply Swim there is a pull buoy for everyone.

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