Resistance Swimming Aids

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When somebody says "Simply Swim", the first thing to spring to mind is, of course, the fact that we offer the largest range of swimwear in the UK. Alongside our extensive range of swimwear we also carry an extensive range of swim training aids designed for use in your workouts to ensure that the physical benefits you reap are being maximised in every possible facet of your routine. One such collection available in our vast online range is our variety of resistance-oriented swim training aids, ergonomically designed to, as one might expect, increase the amount of physical resistance you feel whilst working out in the pool.

We offer a number of different resistance-based swim training aids, and although they range significantly in appearance and function, they all share the one most important quality - an incredibly high standard of production. We can offer some of the simpler resistance training aids such as dumbbells and other smaller weights that you can hold in your hand to increase water resistance and build your muscular endurance as you push yourself harder and harder to maintain a consistent speed. We also carry more complex tools such as our collection of swim parachutes. Working in a similar fashion to those used by some runners, these training aids implement the use of a parachute to increase water resistance much more drastically (without, importantly, impeding your ability to perform any stroke you desire) which leads to much more sizeable increases in physical endurance and upper-body strength over time.

As with all of our other products, all of our resistance-based swim training aids are available in a number of different colours and designs meaning that whatever your tastes, we guarantee we have something for you.

Resistance Swimming Aids
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