Swimming Gloves

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Here at Simply Swim we stock a tremendously wide range of swim training aids from leading swimwear and equipment brands such as Speedo, Arena, Aqua Sphere and more. These training aids are all geared towards those who are looking to improve their training performance and technique.

One of the products that full into the training aid category are swim gloves. Webbed gloves for swimming are designed to help improve your upper body strength by increasing the amount of resistance you will feel against the water, meaning you will have to exert additional strength with your arms in order to maintain the same constant speed as you swim. By using swim gloves you will not only be focusing on and improving your swim technique, you will also be giving your upper body a solid workout at the same time. This will help to significantly improve your core strength which means that every training session can now be even more beneficial to you than before!

Swim gloves are generally made from neoprene with open top fingers. The materials used ensure that they will feel moulded to your hands rather than uncomfortable and clunky, some styles feature a lycra material on the top of the hand for superior comfort. Their webbed design means that, despite the lightweight material, resistance is still created as you swim (or perform aqua aerobics) and as such means that they are an ideal choice for someone looking to maximise their gains from swim training sessions without going for the more strenuous workout provided by hand paddles.

At Simply Swim we carry these swim gloves in a variety of designs and colours, meaning that there will be something there to catch your eye regardless of taste, they are also available in a range of sizes, usually small, medium, and large.

Swimming Gloves
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