Training Fins

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Anyone training for competitive swimming, whether a race or the swimming element of a triathlon, knows that it is not just about being able to swim far and fast - working with the right training tools in the pool can also help improve your strength, endurance, technique and flexibility.

Here at Simply Swim we offer a range of training aids available to help all swimmers improve their performance but for the moment we are going to focus on training fins. Training fins look like shortened flippers and they bring a range of benefits to your swim training routine. There are a number of key areas where they will help to improve your swimming performance.

Firstly, they increase your speed, letting you swim at competition speed without having to constantly work hard. This gets your body used to going at the faster speed, making faster arm and leg movements without getting as tired as you would without the fins.
You will also find that you benefit from improved leg strength and flexibility. Flexibility improves because your feet are flexed and extended beyond their normal range when wearing the fins. Also, your ankles become more flexible as they have to work harder to kick with the fins on. You gain extra strength in your legs because your feet have a larger surface area when wearing the fins, creating more water resistance, meaning your legs have to work harder to propel you through the water. Swim fins also create extra buoyancy as you swim, which in turn helps with your overall body position in the water, letting you go faster and further.

Each of these benefits will pay dividends when it comes to race day. Using a set of training fins as a regular part of your swim training can help you to be a better and faster swimmer. The range we offer includes fins from leading swimwear brand Speedo as well as Arena, Maru, Zoggs and many more. Each brand has researched different technologies to give a great product and most importantly a comfortable fin.

Training Fins
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