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When training for and taking part in a triathlon certain pieces of kit are considered essential, while others are 'nice to have'. Let's look at the different pieces of triathlon swimming kit available today at Simply Swim.

When training for the swimming section of a triathlon you will be in the pool several times a week, so you'll need a swimsuit (or two) designed to stand up to the heavy chlorinated water found in the swimming pool environment. Most brands have items that are specially designed for regular swimmers, usually made of a higher quality, more chlorine resistant fabric than others in the range. A good training swimsuit is an essential.
Anyone training regularly will also want a good pair of well fitting goggles and a swimming cap. The latter will not only protect your hair from the chlorine, but will also make you more streamlined and therefore slightly faster. Goggles are available in a variety of styles and lens options, clear and tinted are ideal for indoor use whereas polarised or photochromatic lenses are great for outdoor swimming.
Non-essential but nevertheless useful items of kit are training aids such as swim fins and hand paddles. These training aids are designed to help improve strength and technique. Regular swimmers might also want to consider a nose-clip and earplugs if they find them comfortable.

For the actual competition, your choice of swimwear will depend on the location of the swim. For open water swims, most triathlon organisers insist that you wear a wetsuit. Here at Simply Swim we offer wetsuits for male and female competitors from leading brands Orca, 2XU, Blue Seventy and more.
Underneath the wetsuit, you should wear a Tri-suit - a short legged suit that is used for the cycling and running sections of the event and the swim if it is held indoors. Although you can wear other running or cycling clothing if you choose, most would agree that a tri-suit is a worthwhile investment.
Other items worth considering for competition day are specially designed open water swim caps. While these are not essential, they will certainly help raise your comfort level during the swim.

Mens And Womens Triathlon Products
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