Open Water Swimwear

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For the best possible time and performance, appropriate triathlon open water swimwear is essential. Good quality open water swimwear, like the models we offer here at Simply Swim, help to keep you warm, conserve energy, streamline your body, and improve your overall performance.

We stock an extensive range of open water swimwear perfect for triathlon competitors, both male and female, ranging from shorts, to standard one-piece swimsuits, leg suits, and compression suits, from top brands like Speedo and Aqua Sphere.

Compression leg suits help to significantly improve your performance during the swimming portion, as well as the running and cycling portion of a triathlon event. Compression suits streamline your body via a system of strategically placed panels, reducing drag in the water, helping to improve speed and conserve energy. These suits also promote active recovery, protecting your core muscles and conserving energy for the remaining portions of the race.

Open water swimwear should be robust and durable and, for women, should provide appropriate bust support to allow the swimmer to achieve their best possible performance. Here at Simply Swim we offer an extensive selection, including models with UV resistance, which provides a considerably longer lifespan, as the fabric does not degrade with repeated exposure to sunlight. Water-repellent, or quick drying swimsuits are ideal for triathlon participants, as absorbing less water means you carry less weight during the remaining portions of the race and you dry off quickly, improving your comfort and reducing the risk of chafing.

Whether you are in training to improve your overall fitness and endurance, or whether you are a serious triathlon athlete, we offer swimwear to suit your needs, enabling you to improve your technique and performance. The cutting edge technology used in the construction of these open water swimwear items not only allows you to improve the swimming leg of the race, but enables you to conserve energy and protect your core muscles, helping you to improve your performance over the running and cycling legs.

Open Water Swimwear
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