Triathlon Accessories

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Training for a Triathlon can be tough and challenging, so here at Simply Swim we are able to provide accessories that are needed to train and compete specifically in the swimming challenge. Successful workouts without problems, such as goggles fogging, dehydration and fatigue, are vital for you to achieve your maximum efficiency.

We have an excellent range of nose clips and ear protection - with well known brands such as Maru, Aqua Sphere, Zoggs, and Speedo - in different styles so that you will be able to find one that is exactly right for your needs. All are of high quality to provide maximum comfort and an effective seal, while maximising their life.

Other vital accessories include nasal sprays which will help to lubricate and clear nasal passages, Tea Tree Oil to provide a measured dose to help prevent Trapped Water and Swimmer's Ear by creating a water resistant barrier within the ear cavity. Antifog Spray is also available; a quick squirt inside your goggles will keep them clear.

Our waterproof swimming watch range will not only count and monitor your laps and strokes, but also speed and distance and will give you a calorie count in order to maximise efficiency. You will then be able to download the data on to your computer and keep a check on your progress from home. Many are water resistant up to 100 metres and have a three-line display for running, cumulative and split times.

We have within our Triathlon range, training tools to wear around your waist which will give you instant stroke feedback. They will also create a sound to make you aware of the positioning of your hips, arms and body, ensuring maximum speed and fluidity through the water.

For quality, efficiency and choice, we have created a comprehensive range which will enable you to compete to the best of your ability.

Triathlon Accessories
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