Triathlon Bags

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Participating in a Triathlon can mean you need storage for a lot of equipment. Not only that, but your equipment must be organised for effective transitions. We have a range of bags for the swimming transition in a triathlon. These range from standard holdalls and rucksacks to Wheelies, suitable for competition or training sessions. All are manufactured with supreme quality and come with various compartments, ideal for separating your gear.

If you are one of the many newcomers to the exciting sport of triathlons, then there can be a lot of equipment to think about. From the correct running shoes, to your choice of bicycle, there is a great deal to take into consideration. In terms of the swimming stage - which usually comes first in any race - there is plenty of water-based equipment to mull over, too. Swim caps, goggles, wetsuits and nose clips can all mean you perform better in the water, depending on the ones you select for race day. A key area of any triathlon is the transition between swimming and cycling. Your wet things can slow you down and be difficult to remove quickly. After the race, you need a good bag that will keep all of your swim kit in good order and mean that it is looked after before you can get it home to dry it out properly.

Mesh bags are a great place to stow away damp items of clothing and equipment, such as your swim cap or swimsuit. Mesh bags allow the contents to breathe and avoid musty smells which can be unpleasant. This will mean that your swimming equipment, even when stored temporarily in a wet condition, end up lasting longer. Mesh bags are available from a wide choice of specialist swimming brands such as Finis, Aqua Sphere, Maru and Head.

Another good triathlon bag to consider for your next event is a backpack that is specifically designed with swimmers' needs in mind. These bags, made by the likes of Zoggs, often have has special internal pockets with wet and dry compartments as well as PVC lined base which means you can stand it on a wet surface without getting the contents damp. A holdall-style bag is another good choice for the triathlete, too. Swimming manufacturers like Speedo and Arena make these sorts of bags which are ideal for regular use at the pool.