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If you participate in triathlons, you need clothing and accessories that give you an edge. Particularly over the swimming leg. Fortunately for you, here at Simply Swim we boast an impressive array of triathlon swimwear, suitable for men and women competing and training at all levels, from beginners to professional athletes. Our triathlon swim clothing is of the highest quality and affordable, allowing you to buy with confidence without breaking the bank!

Shave seconds off your swim leg with a leg suit that features strategic compression panels, streamlining your body shape, making you more hydrodynamic, reducing drag and allowing you to cut through the water more efficiently, requiring less endurance, and conserving energy. Some of these suits are also water resistant, ensuring you do not carry any additional weight. By protecting the core muscles and significantly reducing core muscle vibration, these suit promote active muscle recovery, helping you conserve energy and strength for the remaining triathlon legs.

Many of our triathlon swimwear items are suited to indoor and open water use, boasting chlorine and UV resistance, making them durable and long lasting. Chlorine and UV resistant fabric helps to ensure the swimwear you choose does not degrade when frequently exposed to direct sunlight or the chlorine in pool water. Chlorine resistant fabric is also a popular choice because it retains its shape and is resistant to snags. This makes these swimsuits a great investment, because they last much longer than those made from traditional fabrics.

For serious competitors, consider purchasing a suit with flat, bonded, or concealed seams. Standard stitched seams have a ripple effect. This creates drag. Drag, in turn, slows your pace and requires greater strength and endurance to move through the water. Therefore, serious competitors are advised to opt for flat, bonded, or concealed seams, further reducing drag, and helping to improve their performance.

Be the best you can be with our high quality triathlon swim clothing. Take advantage of the huge selection we offer and their cutting edge features. Whatever level you are competing at, we offer top quality swim clothing to help you achieve the best possible time in your swim leg.

Triathlon Clothing
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