Triathlon Goggles

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For the experienced swimmer and triathlon competitor, Simply Swim supplies an extensive choice of swimming goggles. You are welcome to choose your new triathlon goggles from a wide range of brands such as Zoggs, Speedo, Aqua Sphere, Arena, Finis, and Tyr. All of these major manufacturers are well known in the sporting world and produce quality equipment.

Your swimming goggles need to have adjustable straps and to be comfortable. The fit of the goggle is extremely important to ensure you have a watertight seal, this will make sure you can see clearly without having to worry about water getting in. This enables you to focus your competitive energy and effort on the important part - your competition swimming. These goggles are produced using modern manufacturing techniques and so can be relied on, whether you are in the swimming pool or in open water.

Goggles are available is several styles from individual lenses with 3 different size nose bridges to one piece style like masks with self adjusting nose bridges. These are considered by some to be a stronger type of construction and also to offer a slightly wider field of view. In contrast, some swimmers say they prefer individual smaller lenses as they think the socket type goggles are more flush with the head and so offer less water resistance, possibly increasing average swimming speed a little.

Lenses are available in clear, tinted or mirrored appearance and in a range of colours within ladies and men's ranges. In addition to these there are several high end options available which feature polarised or photocromatic lenses. These are ideal for swimming outdoors as they reflect the suns UV rays not only protecting your eyes but also giving a darker tint in bright conditions giving you better visibility.

Triathlon Goggles
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