Triathlon Wetsuits

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For anybody looking for Triathlon wetsuits Simply Swim offer a wide range from leading brands such as Orca, Blue Seventy, Speedo and Aqua Sphere. All of these major manufacturers are well known in the sporting world and they produce quality suits with design features and performance in mind.

Triathlon wetsuits are designed for buoyancy, speed, streamlining and flexibility. They also offer you all the durability you would naturally expect as a competitive swimmer. The wetsuits are produced using the most up to date technology in neoprene manufacturing with 100% UV-protection included to avoid deterioration in strong sunlight. The exterior of many triathlon wetsuits also have a nano coating that minimizes in-water drag. The clean design and slim profile coupled with an effective swimming stroke means that you will glide through the water and hopefully have a racing advantage.

With a tailored, profiled fit, these figure-hugging suits look and feel great both in and out of the water. Another feature is that the seams are blind stitched so they are invisible from the outside - enhancing the suit´s appearance and reducing drag. Dark in colour and made with quality material, fashionable styling and discreet logos, the suits simply look great. Their visual impact makes the swimmer look and feel like a motivated competitor who really means business.

Triathlon suits also offer a number of exciting high specification technical features including a neck fastening to help stop water getting in, insulation panels to help retain body heat as well as various thicknesses of neoprene giving different levels of buoyancy. On selected styles the elbow pads are adjustable to complement your measurements and provide support. This combines comfort and freedom of movement while offering maximum propulsion on the ´pull´ part of your swimming stroke. All Triathlon wetsuit are available in a range of sizes. Combined with your swimming skill and determination, this is the ideal suit for racing.

Triathlon Wetsuits
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