Ladies Chlorine Resistant Swimwear

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Our stunnning range of chlorine resistant swimsuits dramatically extends the life of your swimwear, saving you money not havnig to reguarly replace them. Stylish yet pratical theses suits offer options for big busts with the option of cup sized suits for extra support.

Life expectancy of the suit can be up to four times that of a standard suit. All swimsuits can extend their life with some simple care, such as washing them in fresh water immediately after a swim and allowing them to dry naturally. Avoid using a washing machine to clean your swimsuit, making sure you always hand wash.

Often referred to as chlorine proof swim-wear, this is not accurate as the swimsuits are not impervious to the corrosive effects of swimming pool chlorine. The cost savings for a regular swimmer wearing chlorine resistant bathing suits can be considerable (around four times).

The Speedo Endurance Plus swimsuits use Speedo's own Endurance+ fabric to offer extended life in a chlorine environment. This material is possibly the best known of all chlorine resistant fabrics. Speedo Endurance Plus swimwear is available in a range of great colours and styles.

Zoggs use their CR25 material for their anti chlorine swimwear, which performs excellently in continued usage. Aquasphere have their Aqua Infinity fabric as their long life swimsuit material. Some users report the fabric not being as soft as normal swimming costumes but this is offset for regular swimmers by the extended life of the swimsuit.

Ladies Chlorine Resistant Swimwear
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