Womens Competition Swimwear

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This range is all about performance in the water and is designed for competitive racing and training. Our competition swimwear for women gives you plenty of choice, with top branded kneesuits and swimming costumes by Speedo, Arena, Maru, Tyr and Diana. If it's women's racing swimwear you're looking for, we stock a range of styles that give you maximum compression and a streamlined shape for training and racing.

The lightweight, FINA approved Speedo LZR range is perfectly engineered for racing and training, fitting like a second skin. Our other top swimwear brands have also designed high performance swimsuits and kneesuits designed specifically for competition swimming.

Serious, competitive swimmers need high performance swimwear to give them the best possible edge over the rest of the field. Therefore, selecting swimwear from our exhaustive women's competition range is a great option, sure to help you shave valuable seconds off your time and improve your performance. We stock a selection of top quality women's competition swimwear brands, such as Speedo and Arena, allowing you to shop with confidence.

Competition swimwear works well for training as well as for competitive events and our selection boasts a range of impressive features to set you in good stead for achieving a fast time. Whether you want a standard one-piece swimsuit or a short leg suit, we have the competition swimwear you need.

Some of these models boast full body compression, giving you a more streamline, hydrodynamic shape. Not only does this allow you to cut through the water at a quicker pace, it also reduces drag, which, in turn, reduces the effort you need to expend to propel yourself through the water. Reducing drag reduces the required strength and endurance, which also decreases the likelihood of muscle fatigue, allowing you to conserve energy.

For extra drag reduction, some competition swimsuits utilise fully bonded, welded seams rather than standard stitched seams. This reduces friction drag and, combined with good quality silicone leg grips, ensures you are as streamlined as possible. Water repellent fabric helps you to avoid carrying extra weight from water absorption. Women's competition swimwear should be snug-fitting and have plenty of elasticity, allowing an unrestricted range of movement for the best possible performance. For increased freedom of movement, consider a racer back swimsuit, with thin straps and an open back portion.

Whatever you want from a competition swim suit, we at Simply Swim can offer you a swimsuit that meets your needs and helps you to excel in the pool or in open water events.

Womens Competition Swimwear
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