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Legsuit swimwear offers more coverage that traditional swimming costumes. Sometimes referred to as kneesuits as the leg section of the swimsuit stops just above the knee covering the mid thigh. The extra long leg coverage makes these suits ideal when extra support is needed when swimming or for aqua aerobics.

Buying a women's legsuit can be an attractive alternative to a traditional shaped swimsuit. The legsuit provides extra coverage as it covers the top part of the leg. Most legsuits finish just above the knee or at mid thigh length but it is possible to find some suits which cover the whole leg.

One of the main advantages to choosing a legsuit is that it gives extra support for the thighs. This can be an advantage if you are looking for a costume to use for water aerobics or any form of water sports such as water polo. Legsuits can also be a great choice if you are a serious swimmer as it will provide you with a more streamlined silhouette and reduce the resistance against the water. This may help improve your swimming times.

The top of a legsuit is generally very similar to a traditional swimsuit. Legsuits are available with racing or training backs to ensure a good fit and total freedom to move easily in the water. The majority of legsuits have built in support for the bust which makes them even more suitable for water sports or aerobics. The support is normally in the form of a shelf bra which will support all bust sizes.

Legsuits are usually available in dark colours such as black or navy. Some have patterns across the body to help emphasis your body shape. If you prefer plainer colours then some legsuits are available in plain colours with a simple contrasting trim in a brighter colour. The whole range of women's legsuits is resistant to the effects of chlorine. This makes choosing to buy a legsuit an economic option as its durability means that it will last for many hours in the pool and it will continue to look good and provide a high quality performance.

Legsuits Swimwear
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