Maternity Swimwear

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You'll find comfortable, durable and fashionable maternity swimwear by Speedo, Zoggs and Arena here at Simply Swim. We've chosen a range of styles so you can find the right maternity swimsuit for you. Some pregnant women prefer a tankini two piece and others feel more comfortable in a one piece. Whatever way, the most important factors in choosing a decent maternity swimming costume is comfort and support. It also helps if it looks good, so we've picked a range that are comfortable and stylish as well as offering you plenty of support as your bump gets bigger. If you've so far found it hard to find maternity swimwear that gives you a good amount of coverage, our range gives you just that. The swimsuits we stock are designed to accommodate your growing bump as you go through your pregnancy.

Some classic black maternity swimwear is ideal to take you through your pregnancy. The brands we stock use durable fabrics so you know they will last as well as feel comfortable in the pool or in the sea. If you want to compare pieces, you can do so easily with our detailed maternity swimsuit specifications as well as some useful reviews from other Simply Swim customers who've previously bought the products. Our swimwear brands realise that maternity swimwear doesn't have to look frumpy or out dated, it can be flattering and stylish. Their designs make you look and feel at ease in the water. If you want a robust swimsuit for regular swimming, you'll be pleased to know our maternity wear is made to withstand the rigours of the pool. The fabrics have lots of stretch in them to allow for plenty of baby bump growth so you can get loads of wear out of your swimming costume throughout your pregnancy. You'll find your bust is well supported, making for a comfortable experience.

If you're swimming regularly, you want a maternity swimsuit or tankini that you know is going to last. Speedo and Zoggs, to name two, are experts in designing maternity swimwear that supports and grows with your body, feeling like a second skin in the water. Take a look at our range and find a comfortable yet fashionable swimsuit designed especially to help make expectant mums feel comfortable in the water.

Maternity Swimwear
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