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Here at Simply Swim, we have an exhaustive range of women's performance swimwear, in every size, colour, and style. So whether you want a purely practical, traditional single colour performance swimsuit or a bright vibrant style that expresses your personality while helping to improve your performance, look no further!

With top brands, as Speedo, available at highly competitive prices, you can find the right women's performance swimsuit without breaking the bank. Performance swimwear is suited to professional athletes, enthusiastic amateurs, and those who want to swim as a way of keeping fit on a regular basis.

Many swimsuits are chlorine resistant, meaning they have a considerably longer lifespan than regular swimwear. The harsh chemicals in a pool environment quickly degrade standard elastane-type fabric. However, chlorine resistant fabric does not degrade in these conditions, lasting more than 20 times longer. Another benefit of chlorine resistant fabric is that it tends to retain its shape better and for longer, meaning your suit does not get saggy and loose. Chlorine resistant swimsuits are also less likely to snag and tear and tend to be quick-drying, as less water absorption occurs.

To improve your position in the water, improve your core stability and help to increase your speed, consider buying a swimsuit that offers comfortable compression panels. These strategically placed panels help slim your form and lift your body higher in the water, while providing you with added core stability. This type of performance swimwear generally features firm but comfortable bust support in the form of a firm control shelf bra or mesh paneling, providing extra stability and a higher position, while ensuring you are safe and secure inside your suit.

Performance swimwear no longer has to be purely functional. While we have an extensive range of traditional, black, women's performance swimsuits boasting the cutting edge in swimwear technology, we also have a vast array of bright and exciting performance swimsuits that use the same top quality technology and construction, while allowing you to swim in style, from attractive monogrammed designs to vibrant, multi-coloured neon designs.

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